Dorm Orientation

During the first week of school, the department’s student council organizes a dorm orientation activity for the new incoming students, to help them get to know one another and to get them started on experiencing the interesting aspects of college life.


Upper Class Seniors

Your seniors are your best sources of information, not only about your studies, but also almost all aspects of university life. They are your best partners so get to know them as soon as you enter the department or post a search online!


Department Team

Lovers of various types of sports, like soccer, tennis, baseball, table tennis, badminton, volleyball, and others, have come together in the department to form department teams, using time off from their studies to practice or play in friendly competitions. Students use this time to practice their skills as well as to make friends with seniors and maintain their health. Don't let studying or playing online games affect your health! If you like sports and can’t find people to play, join us now!